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The Truth Titanium OS20 forks are hand made from premium 3Al/2.5V aerospace grade titanium tubing. 

Titanium is half the weight of steel for a tube of the same tensile strength and twice as strong as aluminum alloy. Titanium is also more resistant to fatigue and impact than aluminum alloys. Titanium doesn’t corrode, unlike steel. 

Forks have Full CNC Dropouts and 1PC CNC steerer Tube.

Available in 3/8" and 20mm dropouts.

A/C 333mm

Shaft length 172mm.

OS20 is NOT 22". OS20 is 20", but bigger. There are two-wheel sizes under the 20" category – the 20" on Jr/mini bikes uses the 451mm diameter wheel in narrow widths (for 20-1/8" & 20-3/8" tires), and the conventional 20" which uses the smaller 406mm diameter wheel but in wider widths. OS20 is 451mm wheel diameter in widths similar to 406mm wheels. OS20 tires are not compatible with Jr/Mini sized rims; OS20 rims are not compatible with Jr/Mini sized tires.

1-pound 3oz

Titanium Products are hand made to order. With the times of the pandemic ETA date could change.